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Name:farther east than your dreams
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T H E   R U L E S   A R E   S I M P L E____
__When you take, just leave a comment. No need to ask.
__CREDIT, please. We won't bite your head off if you don't though, unless you claim the graphics we made as your own. All graphics can be credited towards [farther_east] for convenience.
__Share the icons.
__No direct-linking. We'll kick your butt & take action against your journal/site. Yin pays for all the bandwidth, not you hotlinker, so you're committing an illegal action: theft.

O T H E R   I J O U R N A L S____

C O M M S   &  R E S O U R C E S____
      1591 - resources by aurey& beaaaautiful.
      100x100_brushes - brushes, textures, so much love~
      77words - brushes, patterns, textures.
      art_theft - Prevent art theft!
      arisubox - Gorgeous icons & textures.
      ashke_icons - Brushes & textures alongside gorgeous icons.
      awmpdotnet - Textures, tutorials, and icons.
      bombayicons - More gorgeous icons & textures.
      colorfilter - Textures, patterns, icons.
      colortone - Textures, gradients, tutorials, icons.
      elli - Hand-scanned textures and really original icons. Tutorials, too.
      ewanism - Amazing brushes.
      free_elite - For the free account layout elitist.
      elite_25 - Can you make the top 25?
      elite_iconists - For the icon elitist.
      dearest - She who makes awesome textures, brushes, and bases.
      _iconographer - Textures, patterns, tutorials.
      icontemplation - immoral has very shiny bases.
      layout_elitists - For the paid account layout elitist.
      takenote_icons - A pickier icon community.
      the_icon_ritz - One of the top icontest comms.
      ultimateicons - For the ultimate icon experience.
      asya_17 - Loads of gorgeous bases, textures, and brushes.
      Resurgere - Amazing group of artists releasing HQ original textures & stock photos.

O T H E R   L J S   O F   I N T E R E S T____
      crackified - mood themes
      i_theft - icon theft
      final_chorus - Final Fantasy icontest comm

B A N N E R S____
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