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Uhm. Oh my god it's been 5 months? I'M SO SORRY. D: D: I can't believe some of these have been sitting on my computer for more than 6 months. D: I promise I won't disappear like that again.

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Group; art by enduro (please go love her :D)
[x06] Total

Group; anime/manga/game
[x03] Final Fantasy X, X-2, XIII
[x01] xxHolic

Group; Utada Hikaru
[x02] Total

Group; Actors
[x02] Jeremy Sumpter (Peter Pan 2003)
[x02] Jonathan Rhys Meyers (1 + 1 variation)
[x05] Joe Flanigan (Stargate Atlantis)

Spin me round again and rub my eyes this can't be happening )
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Hello! It's been a while.

Much abuse of [livejournal.com profile] gender's lovely textures and brushes as usual. :D Plus a few of [livejournal.com profile] immoral's too.

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Group; Final Fantasy X/X-2
[x04] Yuna
[x02] Tidus
Group; Kingdom Hearts II
[x04] Sora (2 + 2 variations)
[x01] Roxas
[x01] trio
Group; Super Female Voice (超级女声)
[x03] Li Yu Chun
[x01] Huang Ya Li
Group; Tsubasa RC/xxxHolic
[x03] Doumeki, Watanuki
[x02] Syaoran/Sakura (1 + 1 variation)
[x02] Mokona (1 + 1 variation)
[x01] Yuuko
Group; People
[x03] Jay Chou
[x02] Vienna Teng (1 + 1 variation)
[x01] Lee Joonki
[x01] that girl in the Initial D movie

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I just reformatted my computer, so I need to redownload a lot of my fonts. I doubt I'll be able to make icons for a while as I try to recustomize and readd all my graphical resources. D: Not like I've made much progress in 2 months, augh. I'm working on those icons with subjects people brought up! Just. I apparently get nowhere. Rawr.

Group; Bleach
[x3] total

Group; Art by [livejournal.com profile] _lile
[x3] Draco (2 variations)
[x2] Harry
[x1] Raito
[x1] Yukimura

Group; Final Fantasy
[x2] FF7: AC (Cloud, Tifa)
[x1] FF10 (Seymour concept art)

Group; Misc.
[x1] Meromero Park
[x1] OZ (TV show)

I can see lights in the distance trembling in the dark cloak of night )

The resources and links in the userinfo has been updated.
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Er. It's been a while, hasn't it? :D; My life was eaten up by MapleStory, much apologies. :x And only 21 icons this time despite it's been so long. ._.

Group; Bleach
[x1] Ichigo+Orihime+Ishida
    Group; Cardcaptor Sakura
[x1] Syaoran, Sakura, SxS
Group; Dong Ban Shin Gi
[x1] Max
Group; D.N. Angel
[x2] Daisuke
Group; Fantasia 2000
[x1] Spirit of Spring
Group; Utada Hikaru
[x5] total
Group; Lead
[x1] Keifu
Group; Peter Pan
[x1] Peter
Group; FFX
[x3] Tidus (1 variation)
Group; Chinese celebrities
[x1] Zhou Xun
[x1] Zhao Wei (Vicki Zhao)
[x1] Wong Li Hong (Leehom)

Baby's black balloon makes her fly / I almost fell into that hole in your life )

Does anyone have anything they want to see in particular? (No Tenipuri or wFL requests please. x_x I'm pretty burned out on them.)

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