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I know I know, it's kind of sick how long it's been since one of us last posted. MUCH APOLOGIES. D:

Group; bandom (misc)
[x03] Empires
[x01] Pete Wentz

Group; Panic at the Disco
[x02] Brendon
[x07] Jon
[x05] Ryan
[x04] Spencer
[x04] duos/groups

Group; SGA
[x05] JFlanigan/Sheppard
[x01] Teyla
[x02] Sheppard & Mckay

you dirty boys will never get how the girl feels )

Still failing at type. D8
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Not dead yet not dead yet! :x No icons, but I've got two headers for LJ layouts that are up for grabs. :D They're both black/white/grayscale.

Both have "farther_east graphics" on them, but I made it so they're very faint and fairly unnoticeable. :)

Group; SGA
[x1] John & Rodney

Group; NCIS
[x1] Gibbs & DiNozzo

Thanks to Ni for helping me out on the NCIS header. :D

One may interpret both in a slashy context. X)! )
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Oh god, if I don't post this now, i have no idea when I'm going to post it. I'll forget to make more and! IT WOULD BE A LONG TIME INDEED. I'm seriously a few days short of 5 months. Again. ([livejournal.com profile] booshoo, I am looking at you.)

// No customizing.
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// Pimp us if you like us? :D

Group; Stargate Atlantis
[x06] John Sheppard
[x02] Joe Flanigan (1+1 variation)
[x02] Rodney McKay
[x03] Art by [livejournal.com profile] jedoch (using the same drawing)
[x01] Elizabeth Weir

She is the girl, she is the one )

The text in #12 is utterly [livejournal.com profile] booshoo. I was stuck and she got me out. :D *fails at type*

I'm sorry for so much John. ;_; Mr. Flanigan is just too pretty and icon-genic. *cannot help it*
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Hey look, not 5 months this time!

// No customizing.
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Group; Stargate Atlantis
[x04] Joe Flanigan
[x03] David Hewlett
[x01] Jane Loughman & David Hewlett

Group; Doctor Who (Series 2)
[x03] total

Group; Goong (textless)
[x05] Chae-gyung (4+1 variation)
[x03 Shin
[x01] Yul
[x01] Chae-gyun & Shin

and the history books forgot about us and the Bible didn't mention us )

SGA screenshots taken from New Atlantis; Doctor Who images screencapped by me.

01 made for [livejournal.com profile] sga_icontest.
15 & 19 made for [livejournal.com profile] mcshep_icontest.
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Uhm. Oh my god it's been 5 months? I'M SO SORRY. D: D: I can't believe some of these have been sitting on my computer for more than 6 months. D: I promise I won't disappear like that again.

// No customizing.
// Comment, credit, no hotlinking or linking on Xanga!
// Pimp us if you like us? :D

Group; art by enduro (please go love her :D)
[x06] Total

Group; anime/manga/game
[x03] Final Fantasy X, X-2, XIII
[x01] xxHolic

Group; Utada Hikaru
[x02] Total

Group; Actors
[x02] Jeremy Sumpter (Peter Pan 2003)
[x02] Jonathan Rhys Meyers (1 + 1 variation)
[x05] Joe Flanigan (Stargate Atlantis)

Spin me round again and rub my eyes this can't be happening )


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